ICQ for Windows 8

ICQ, one of the most popular instant messaging programs recognized among PC users, now comes with an updated version for Windows 8. While over the years the software has lost popularity over other proposals like MSN or Google Talk, is still present and still has a very broad user community.

ICQ for Windows 8

ICQ for Windows 8 provides all the tools and services of a program of this nature. We send text messages via the Internet, using voice chat, video conferencing and even use emoticons to add more expressiveness to our messages.

From within the application can send messages to phones and manage and organize our contacts to have a more orderly and expeditious list. In the background are not innovative proposals but work perfectly and users who have already used ICQ since before can migrate contacts in seconds.

Its interface is very simple and easy to use; to the right we find the space for communication and left the contact list. We can also bring up more customization options and settings by positioning the cursor on the bottom of the screen.

Even without innovative features, its performance and robustness of its interface make it become an excellent choice for users who do not wish to install Skype or find an alternative.

If you are a loyal user ICQ arrival to Windows 8 is great news because the program has a very large community of followers and you can now also send free messages to mobile phones.

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