Igelle: Lightweight Operating System for portable computers

Igelle is a light weight and modern operating system build entirely for portable computers.


Appearance and Ease of use: Igelle offers a light and pleasant appearance with panels similar to Gnome. Igelle is packed with nice animations which donot disturb the user but also adds lightness to the system. Panels and dock offers easy usability.

Software Management and Settings: Epiphany is the standard web browser for Igelle. It even offers firefox installation, if the user demands it from add/remove. Other applications that are available for installation in a few clicks, are XChat, Mplayer, and dozens of other things. Igelle supports wine, which enables you to emulate windows programs.

Overall: Igella is a simple operating system with less settings and options, and highly extensible. In opinion, this system is a nice competitor for Ubuntu Linux. Its simplicity surpasses them in everyday activities, like installing applications without a password.

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