Improve the performance of your Android phone with Greenify

Greenify is an excellent tool to significantly improve the performance of your Android smartphone. An optimizer that bring out the best of your phone, whether a model with a few years over, or the newest.


The program includes several tools and configuration modifications that improve the RAM usage and reduce the battery consumption of Android phones, so that obtain advantages of speed and performance with a few simple steps.

The application is available for free on Google Play Store and has been developed by members of the prestigious forum xdadevelopers. Within the application interface, we find the option ‘Donate’, with which we can show our appreciation and support to developers when necessary.

Unlike other applications Task Killer, Greenify does not shut down applications to reduce the consumption of RAM because this implies that when we have to turn them on again spend even more memory. What it does is send the selected applications to a hibernation mode, and in this way is used more efficiently when the RAM is turned back on.

Greenify operates terminals works with root permissions. It is divided into four modules which are ready to use applications and features:

  • Running in the background
  • Scheduled runnning (program operation)
  • Could slow down the device
  • Recently Used.

Depending on the application in question and its location in the lists we will be able to select which we want to send to Hibernate and which we will leave running. As only advice for proper operation and use of the application, no hibernation to send instant messaging programs such as Line or WhatsApp because otherwise no notifications arrive.

With that said, you can start to improve the performance of your mobile easily with Greenify.

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