iOS 7 Beta manages to captivate the Apple users

Almost a month ago Apple presented the new version of its operating system for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch (not compatible for the first iPad), something that promised a revolution even greater than that caused by the first iPhone. Since then, Apple users have given their support to version 7 with expectations confirmed by the percentage of Internet use.

iOS 7 Beta

And is that iOS 7 and represents 0.46% of Internet traffic, according to some statistics collected by specialists in mobile systems. Users have expressed their eagerness to leave the iOS7 Beta, reinforced by the new features that are designed to improve the user experience, with new applications and less cluttered interface than the previous version.

What does back iOS7? First, the movement of the screen is accompanied by a motion detector. The Control Center, a sliding configuration available from the bottom of the screen, extensive multitasking capabilities in all times and in all applications, new full screen mode, new types of synchronization with other devices (including AirDrop, previously only available in the desktop version) Siri has been improved, with new voices and new orders, then come phone integration with the car and the arrival of iTunes Radio.

But while the success of the iOS7 is almost assured, due to the high level of loyalty of its users, we read some voices of protest from those who are not convinced that iOS 7 is the remake that Apple requires. They have criticized the interface and have even said that is a copy of Windows Phone and Android (sic). Remember that this is a Beta and final changes may not yet have reached or are not implemented yet.

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