Is AdBlock Plus the culprit of the high memory usage of Firefox?

Once you have complained about the high memory usage of Mozilla Firefox and how that affects the performance of your PC? If you use this browser for many hours and you go leaving open many tabs almost certain that you noticed in this problem, so it seems, is not only because of Firefox but also other plugins like AdBlock Plus.

firefox and abp

Memory management has long been one of the headaches of Mozilla has tried to improve this aspect in their new versions. Gradually it has been getting but the problem persists as one of the Mozilla engineers have researched a little further and have found a relationship between the use of the popular advertising blocker Adblock Plus and the memory consumption of Firefox.

Nicholas Nethercote is the name of the programmer who has released interesting experiment in his website. According to his article, have AdBlock Plus is already a memory overhead but the worst is because it seems that this extension injects a rather large sheet styles in each iframe of a web. Since each site can have dozens of them, the increase in memory usage is triggered.

We will have to keep experimenting to see if the source of the problem is just that or other plugins also influence but if so some will arise uninstall AdBlock Plus. That yes, you can say that one thing it is to navigate Internet and a different surf the internet having AdBlock Plus because it is a great extension that eliminates lots of spamming so if we do not have memory problems it is best to allow Adblock is left with a bit of it because to change it will make us much more pleasant navigation.

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