Is ArchLinux, the Linux distro you searched for?

If you are a person who have tried many linux distros and couldn’t find the one you needed, then your search has come to an end. ArchLinux would be the answer to your searches.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a highly customizable linux which comes around at 360 mb.iso file, which includes all files needed for a harddisk install. If you are opting for net install or ftp install, then there are ways of doing it too. Arch Linux by default does not have a graphical interface. You can choose the graphical interface according to your wish, whether it be gnome, kde, fluxbox, xfce, enlightment and lot more.

As you know your desktop manager uses a large portion of your system resources. So choice of desktop environment is of great importance as one can make a linux distro which may be slow and flashy or fast and ugly.

Arch Linux offers support for almost all file systems like ext4, ext3, ext2, xfs, jfs, and much more. ArchLinux is great as it takes you out of the hassels of dependencies and libraries. ArchLinux by default, comes with a nice package manager called pacman, which is capable of updating and installing all software’s and applications.

Compared to other linux distros, rather than compiling from source packages, archlinux installs from pre-made binaries. ArchLinux offers extreme customization and you can modify it to suit your daily needs. There are a lot of distros based on archlinux. Archlinux is perfect for everyone with “do it ourselves” character. ArchLinux is one of the fastest linux distros, especially when run in console. Updating of software packages is done perfectly in archlinux servers too, which provides users with up to date software’s and applications.

Archlinux is simply a magnificent distro and it is worth a try. You will definitely fall in love with archlinux. Feel the joy of tweaking your machine and modifying it the way you need .

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