Jalbum 10.8.1: Publish and share your photo album in internet

Jalbum 10.8.1 is the new version already available for download, this free program and multi-platform with which you can create and publish a photo album on the internet in an easy way.

Jalbum 10.8.1

Jalbum is available in 32 languages and the process to create our photo album will be thanks to its ease of use and automation of the process, very simple. Just drag and drop photos into the program interface, Jalbum create an HTML page with images linked to the original photo and thumbnails.

As its new feature Jalbum 10.8.1 adds a directory selector button “My Albums” in the preferences dialog of the program and now passwords are no longer saved to account profiles as plain text format, instead applies to the new account profiles. Also updates the package of skins and the gallery of the program as changes and major developments.

This multi-platform program is available for operating systems Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux.

JAlbum also includes a large number of skins to customize it.

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