Java returns to security problems, shortly after its last update

Java goes again to our home by a security problem, just a few days later to launch its latest update. Oracle, unable to ensure the safety of its millions of users worldwide, fixes a serious security problem, revealing to apply the new update, a new security hole worse than the last, since it allows an attacker to more easily jump the Sandbox of our virtual machine.

java security

Interestingly after solving a serious security problem, this patch is evident and further facilitates an attacker to jump to the Bullfighter Sandbox protection of the Java virtual machine, allowing it to easily run any type of malicious code or use several exploits in order to damage the system.

For the moment, at the expense of that Oracle takes a decision in the absence of a solution, it’s best to disable Java and wait patiently for Oracle solves this problem. Clearly seen recent successes of Java, the Java security problems seem the never ending story.

Interestingly according to several security researchers, security of Java 7 is much easier to break than Java 6. For if it was not enough, these experts, in view of the usual Java security vulnerabilities, recommend uninstalling this system, if the user does not really need it.

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