Jelly Bean is still the Android most used in mobiles

Jelly Bean is the Android version used in mobile phones, while KitKat has been in the limelight for several months. The latest version reaches only 1.8%, while Jelly Bean already exceeds 60%. These measurements were performed based on visits to the store, in a space of seven days.

Jelly Bean

Google has released some figures from a study carried out on the basis of visits to Google Play. Though KitKat is the latest robot OS, is one of the least used, almost equaling the percentage of use with Froyo. As for Jelly Bean, it is still the most widely used, with over 60% of the phones that have been measured.

Among the existing versions, the only one that gained a percentage of use has been Jelly Bean, though it has almost imperceptibly, from 59.1% to 60.7%. Other versions have dropped and the growth of the latest is still minimal: KitKat is used by 1.8% of the phones in this study.

The fragmentation of Android is known, as is the fact that newer versions take a long time to start to be used by the majority of users. Google has improved the distribution of newer versions, but some manufacturers still take many months to make them available to users.

In this study, Google clarifies that devices with older versions of Android (pre 2.2) have not been included, since the Google store does not support these versions and these statistics are taken from visits to the store. In August 2013 the utilization rate of 2.2 (measured through Google servers) was only 1%.

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