Jogobox: many games in one place

One of the purposes of having a computer at home, since the times of early 8-bit computers, has always been the games. Who does not like to cue from some items of the favorite game once in a while? Therefore, we will show you a tool to keep them all at your fingertips.


Jogobox is what you wanted, if you want to have over 2,000 games at your disposal. We could say that Jogobox is a manager of games, where we have control not only of the free games offered by the program, but of our own game saves on its hard drive, besides that not all Flash games or free mean that they are bad, because Jogobox offers many different and very good.

Besides Flash games that may become bored after a few minutes, in Jogobox can play classics from the likes of Prince of Persia, Warcraft or Civilization. According to its developers, new games are added to the database every day.

What do you need to use Jogobox? Really not much, since it is not really necessary to sign up, not even of entering an e-mail. Simply download the desktop client, installed it, choose the game you want and enjoy.

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