Layout, Instagram application to create mosaics

Instagram, the social network where you can share images, has just launched Layout, an application that allows us to attach multiple photos to create a mosaic. The truth is that there are many apps that we find in the app stores that offer this feature, but Instagram has decided to launch his own. Layout is simple and has no advertising, something we often find ourselves in applications.

layout instagram

Just have to select the photos we have on our device, or make a catch with Photo Booth option, then use them in the creation of our mosaic. The application allows us to zoom in on images, drag, position them wherever we like, invert or rotate to create the desired effect. The maximum number of pictures that we can include it will be nine images for collage.

Once we have organized our mosaic can share it via Facebook, upload it to Instagram, or use in other applications. What we must remember is that if we send the set of images to Instagram, if we apply filters, these will be added to all photographs alike, i.e., mosaic works as a complete picture, not as different attached images.

With Layout we can compose a collage, but with what the application does not have is with edges or frames to be able to customize our mosaic of photographs. A real shame, because the possibilities would be extended with the option to include elements of our creation.

For now only iOS users can download the application, and will not be up within a few months when Layout comes with Android devices. The app is free and can be found already in the App Store.

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