Lightbeam: Add-on for Firefox that shows who is watching us

Style of Disconnect, Mozilla released a Firefox addon called Lightbeam, that show us who watch us when we surf on the Internet. It shows other open connections outside the site that we are visiting.


The graphical representation of the follow-up, shown like infographic, showing us which companies are currently connected. We will have freedom to block them at the discretion and upload the information of the sites blocked to a database, which indexes anonymous data on those who follow in the navigation.

A Senior Executive of Mozilla, stated that Lightbeam has been not to harm anyone in particular, but that users become aware of how the Internet works today, setting a precedent to start a debate about privacy.

All information generated by Lightbeam is stored locally on each computer. You can be recorded in a log file history of connections, so that we have access to all locks made by complement. Mozilla said that is not saved on their servers any kind of information about Lightbeam, so you’ll have to rely on your word if you want to know who spy on the network.

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