Line Call already allows you to make calls to fixed and mobile users of Android

The possibility to make calls to landlines and mobile phones seems a line of clear evolution of instant messaging applications. WhatsApp announced that this year it would have this functionality but Line wants to take advantage and already gives this possibility to Android users.

Line Call

Line Call is the name by which Line has named this functionality. At the moment it is an option that is available in 8 countries (Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines). Users who have registered their mobile number can call at low cost to landlines and users that do not use Line as between users of the application there is a free call option.

In Line’s official website you can find the price list applied depending on the destination of the call, the application information will also show us in advance before establishing a call so there is no room for mistakes and be clear about the cost. To pay calls can choose various options like buying credit in what would be an equivalent to the typical traditional phone companies or also by recruiting monthly plans that make prices more economic.

The application on your Android version and can be downloaded from Google Play. IOS users will have to wait because there is not a version available for them at the moment.

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