LinkedIn adds functionality to block users

Perhaps because of its strong professional character LinkedIn had no functionality to block other users, which is common in other social networks. The defendant had brought this feature in recent years and since the company have heard requests implementing this functionality that will soon be available in all profiles.

linkedin block users

The reasons to block other users depend on each one but this feature was demanded primarily to keep clean our updates feed avoiding appearing in lots of messages that interest us and prevent us from focusing on what is really useful for us.

In LinkedIn support team explains the steps to block a user, but it is easy because you only have to go to that user’s profile, open the menu of options to interact with him and select the option of blocking.

When a user is blocked do not receive a notice, which is quite logical. By blocking someone add it to our list of locks that can hold up to 50 blocked users. These blockages can be removed but to apply the option to exchange messages with the other user will be lost, all recommendations will be deleted and the system did not suggest it more like a contact who might know.

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