Lockscreen Pro: Blocks the computer from unauthorized access

If we are sharing our computer with more people, or even if we have to move away from the momentarily and do not want to turn it off, there is a chance that other people want to access it for purposes that are not exactly good. To guard against the unauthorized access, we can lock it with a tool called Lockscreen Pro and unlock it using a password or connecting any USB to act as the key.

block computer

The part that interests us most about this application is the configuration screen, where we can change the password previously set by the program, placing a wallpaper photo, monitor the movements of the mouse or even take a picture of the intruder; the photos can be both of those who are trying to unsuccessfully tried to gain access to the computer, and those who somehow achieved access using the correct password.

To unlock it by connecting a USB, we must first set up the USB to save the unlock file, which is done without too many problems through the Lockscreen Pro configuration. Once done, just simply plug it into any port to gain access to computer.

The program has some own images you can use to lock your computer, besides giving us the opportunity to put any other. In addition, it will take a file of all attempts to access with a photo for each one, taken via webcam.

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