Mailbox: manage email on iPhone

Mailbox is already available at all, or nearly all, the countries of the world. The e-mail client for iPhone is now available for download after a long process of waiting list due to scalability issues that are attributed to the fact that most of the processes are implemented from the cloud.


The downside is that Mailbox only supports Gmail email accounts so you have to forget about managing your Outlook, Yahoo or similar accounts. Currently Mailbox available only on the iPhone, although the developers promise an Android version is still valid and it is only a matter of time until the official announcement.

However, and even with the limitation of being a unique application for iOS, Mailbox had 1 million users on the waiting list so success is guaranteed now that opened the doors for anyone to download.

This client management for Gmail on iPhone allows arming different folders and groups to emails to be organized in the most convenient, fast and accurate way. As well as a task manager, which enables us to make Mailbox is to sort our emails and work as individual units and pending tasks, in this way nothing will be left without analyze and we can better leverage our time.

From organizational folders can send new mail to a waiting list of a few hours, days or even weeks. Thus reappear in front of us while we configure and thus able to respond in time and comfort to each type of e-mail.

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