Make my Browser: Allows you to design your custom browser

Make my Browser will allow us to design a web browser ourselves, our bookmarks and favorite subjects, having as Chromium base. After choosing all the features that will be included in our creation, be given the link of the executable file for download and installation.

Make my Browser

The process is fairly simple. We will have to choose an image that will be the icon that will use the new browser on the desktop and name the program. Then choose bookmarks that we will include in the browser and a theme (you have several themes to choose from). Once you have done the above and agree to the terms of use, ready to download your browser.

What will serve as a browser made by ourselves? The first useful application that we can see in Make my Browser is that it allows you to make custom multiple browsers for different members of the family or friends, if it is that there are many users who surf on the same computer. It can also be useful to make several versions that we use for different applications, for example a version with links that we use for work and another to access social networks or to have fun.

Make my Browser also has space for those developers who want to adapt the browser, do so to the extent of any specific use. They can be used RSS notifications or include buttons for download, among other things. For these cases, yes you need to create a login account to access the service, while not requiring access account for the rest of the users.

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