Mandelbulber: Draws fantastic fractals in 3D

With a little free time over the weekend ahead, we will present Mandelbulber, a fractal drawing program that comes out a bit from the norm. And it Mandelbulber not draw fractals in two dimensions, but it’s done in 3D. But in addition to all the control that we may have about the graphs, as well as being possible to perform animations is amazing.


All these characteristics make Mandelbulber not an easy program to use. To achieve the effect we want, we have a notion of over 200 controls grouped into tabs that form the heart of the program and it will draw out decent graphics for wallpapers or even a digital artist.

To control the manner in which Mandelbulber performs fractals, also we have commands that might be called Basic, to achieve our first graph in a few minutes. We can move around the screen, control the depth, reflections, include other objects as light sources or water rotate the picture and move to any point on the screen. The most important of Mandelbulber is that it leads to experimentation with mathematical formulas and thus achieves striking results. In addition we increase zoom anywhere or even raise the level of detail or control the brightness and contrast in a given step of the rendering.

Of course Mandelbulber gives the ability to save your creations, whether in JPEG or PNG format. It also can save the changes we have made in the script, so we can again load the same image and keep working on it, without altering the values of the formulas. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac (Intel and PPC).

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