Maxthon Beta: updated the script engine and the Webkit core

Maxthon Beta is not the final version released and now available to download from this increasingly used dual browser that uses the Trident engine of Internet Explorer and Webkit engine of Google Chrome.


In it, several corrections have been included to improve stability. As main features, Maxthon has a built-in RSS reader, a screen capture, an integrated pop-up blocker, and includes tabbed browsing, mouse events scheduling and many other features. Maxthon is available for all major Windows operating systems, including Windows 7.

How can Maxthon use two engines?
The Maxthon browser will use the engine that best suits each site that we visit, taking advantage of Webkit engine speed or the compatibility of the Trident engine.

What’s new in Maxthon?
In Maxthon Beta, the main innovations are updated Webkit core and the script engine, adds support for input data of language and data input for HTML5 date. Also includes some minor bug fixes.

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