Media Player Classic Black Edition stable and ready for download

While Media Player Classic has been one of the most used programs to view multimedia content, has never been among the most recognized and the most widespread as it could be projects such as the VLC Media Player. However, the Media Player Classic Black Edition already reaches the version in stable and is ready for download.

Media Player Classic Black Edition

This Media Player Classic version is no more, but it has some interesting additions. The first thing to say is that you can have a preview of the movie content using thumbnails. That is, if you want a particular point of the movie, you will not have to go all the video in search of the scene you want, but it can be done through thumbnails to display for each frame (as does YouTube in some videos).

The above feature can take much of the resources of the computer, if you have a device with some years on it. Therefore, the preview is disabled by default, so you’ll have to enter the options to enable it.

The latest version supports new types of files and can even display images. While the program seems outdated, is precisely one of its greatest virtues: maintaining a simple interface to not affect computer capabilities in video playback.

You can download Media Player Classic Black Edition in version 32 and 64 bits and even a portable version if you do not want to install anything.

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