Memory Washer helps to preserve RAM

How much memory is enough for the computer to work well? This depends on the use we give, how many applications we have running at the same time and the physical RAM that we have installed. While Windows is not a port to manage free memory, we have already seen that not everything is the fault of Microsoft in the multiple problems that we can get to have in a computer with Windows.

memory washer

One of the problems that arise most often mismanaged third program memory. There are known cases of Firefox or the same Chrome, with gigs of memory consumed with many tabs open.

If to this we add other programs running in the environment and poor memory management of the majority to close them (the most obvious example is that it does not “clean” all the memory they are using when they are closed down) the situation worsens more not to crash, unexpected shutdowns and blue screens. Here is a program that will allow us to solve all this in an almost automated.

The program we are referring to is Memory Washer, a complete manager of memory usage, startup programs and editor of processes that are using computer resources. You can control all processes of programs that start with Windows, in addition to cleaning the memory will automatically according to time slots that can be programmed.

We can schedule a key or keyboard shortcut to clean the memory or use the programming features of the cleaned memory from the program options. Memory Washer should be used on computers with less than 2GB RAM to ensure proper operation, although on older computers or with less memory would also be of great help.

Naturally, the best solution in these cases is to try to expand the physical RAM by adding memory modules and, if possible to maximum capacity to accept the computer. In the event that we can not afford the purchase of a RAM module, such programs can help us, but neither are the ideal solutions.

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