Messenger is dead, long live Skype

If you have a Hotmail account and still you have not received an email warning that March 15 is the last day of life the legendary Messenger, wait for it to arrive anytime. And that is Microsoft has chosen this day to the death of Messenger, which had already been brewing for a few months.

skype and messenger

The instant messaging service that gave the old Messenger will be replaced by the Skype service. We should remember that Microsoft purchased the Skype service in 2011, so it will now want to take advantage of its new acquisition. The problem is that Messenger users already did raise their voice of protest, with some fairly valid reasons.

Skype has not convinced those who were accustomed to the old Messenger. A journey fast so it offers one and another will give as pusillanimous which Skype is a service that will be very well for communications in video, but suffers from many other things in the field of Instant Messaging: new mail notifications, new fonts, tabs for different conversations, send email, share photos, send files or remote assistance.

From time to log into Skype with Messenger account seems to be enough, according to what has been reported Microsoft. Some users say it has too many problems to do so, as reported numerous crashes. And those who manage to do it, report that their contacts have disappeared or that appear invisible to the view of their contacts.

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