Messenger Reviver: Again using Windows Live Messenger

Skype has completely replaced the old Windows Live Messenger since a few days ago, although many do not like to use Skype. Some users may miss the features added to Messenger, a program that had its peak of millions of users for several years, but had begun to decline before the arrival of the chat in social networks.

messenger reviver

If today spears the Windows Live Messenger, you’ll get a message that you will be prompted for download the new version to continue. For those nostalgic for the Messenger, Messenger Reviver installed a patch for that “messenger” still works with versions 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012, despite the blockade of Microsoft and the recommendations to use Skype.

The same Messenger Reviver gives you the option to install any of the versions of Messenger that supports, if you already don’t have it installed on your computer. It also gives the option to re-install Windows Live Essentials, although this step is not mandatory. If that were not enough gives you the 47 languages that were in the latest version of Messenger.

But what is the secret to resurrect Messenger? None simply avoid blocking the same Messenger in favor of Skype. However, despite the fact that Microsoft does not want anyone else to use Messenger, their servers will be active until March next year, so at least you can use it for another year. The author of the program does not know what will happen to Messenger without a service to which to connect, but said that is already thinking about the way to ensure that Messenger follow live beyond 2014.

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