Microsoft is working on a mobile application that knows our mood

Microsoft is working on an application that may know our approximate State of mind and share it on social networks. The technology, called MoodScope allow us to share our mood in Facebook, as if they were not few the many intrusions to the privacy that makes it more or less veiled.


Through MoodScope, contacts in social networks will know if our mood is tense, happy, angry, bored, calm, with a high burden of stress or excitement. According to details, found in an internal document from Microsoft, users will know best when and how to communicate with others based on mood.

According to the document of Microsoft, already have in their possession a prototype that could deduct our mood with an accuracy of 66%. In a study with 32 participants, the level of accuracy in detecting the moods of all is up to 95%, after two months of training.

But this would be useful not only for social networking. Video or audio services, like Netflix or Spotify could recommend content based on the user’s mood.

And it seems that we “will benefit” to know in advance the state of mind of a person (our boss for example), before entering into a conversation. Or a child can talk more confidently with the father and vice versa … or many other really ridiculous examples that has given Microsoft in this regard.

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