Microsoft Launches First Hotfix for Windows 8

Microsoft has released a HotFix that solves some crashes in the previous version of Windows 8 in the video playback and other tasks.

Windows 8 update

It seems that the latest version Release Preview of Windows 8 has given some problems when viewing videos, even to the time of edit multimedia content or navigating on the Internet. While it may seem or not incredible that Microsoft release a HotFix for an OS that at this point is still experimental, it remains a curious detail.

The problem would have to do with the way in which Windows 8 managed the clock speed changes, so the HotFix mentioned temporarily solves the problem. While the users of Windows 8 already had released a way to avoid repeating the problem by disabling dynamic tick manually through the command line, Microsoft has recommended re-enable it, reboot and then go to Windows Update to download and run this patch.

It is assumed, and communicates Microsoft; this problem will be definitively settled for the final version of Windows 8 will be released the first week of October.

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