Microsoft offers up to $150,000 reward to those who detect errors

Microsoft wants to ensure the safety of its latest Windows 8 is free from fault for not giving opportunity to the lesser intrusion of malware programs or external control of the system. Therefore, the company has launched a new rewards program for those detected faults and their possible solutions.


Nothing less than $100,000 will Microsoft deliver those who show a vulnerability in Windows 8. Additionally, for those who submit also the solution to the vulnerability, the company will deliver an additional $50,000, an offer very interesting to get hackers working on the side of Microsoft and not against.

Internet Explorer 11 will be another Microsoft proprietary programs that will be tested with this new challenge to hackers. Whoever finds a security bug in the browser will receive $11,000, so that these hours must be many who are ready to find fault both Windows 8 and in IE11.

Both programs begin on June 26 and the only one who will be the deadline of IE11, the Windows 8 will continue to run indefinitely.

The Microsoft rewards program has served more than 10 years, but now it becomes the juicy reward for those who manage to exceed the defenses of its latest operating system. You could get to think that if they offer so much money is because they feel very safe by security, but only the time (a few days) will tell us if this time Microsoft made the duties.

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