Microsoft presents the new Office 365 Home Premium

Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite in the world, but its popularity is found only on the desktop since in reality few people know that there is a version in the cloud called Office 365 which makes compared to alternatives such as Google Docs or Zoho Docs.

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium

So far, the problem of Office 365 was that the suite was very focused on the professional world and therefore practically was only used by enterprises and some institutions. However, announced the availability of Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium, a new version of Office in the cloud aimed at the consumer market.

According to Microsoft, Office 365 Home Premium arrives to retry the Office that we already know as a service in the cloud. Mary Garana, President at Microsoft, who adds: “Office as a service provides the freedom to do things when and how they want”.

Office 365 Home Premium can be installed on up to five devices such as PC, Mac, x86 tablets and more. In addition, the suite can be accessed from the Internet or offline mode. It also integrates support for Skype and social networks. The new suite also includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, Access, Publisher and Outlook applications.

Office 365 Home Premium is sold through an annual subscription $ -99.99 per year; includes 27 GB of cloud storage (via SkyDrive) and offers 60 free monthly minutes for national calls and international through Skype. Currently you can test the service free for 30 days.

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