Microsoft says that Windows 10 does not share information with third parties

A few days ago we talked about a story that had been frightened some users. And the fact is that there had been discovered the possibility that Microsoft was sharing private user data, telemetry, with other companies. Clearly this type of leakage did not fall as a good thing, so some users even raised their voices requesting explanations from Microsoft. However, the company has decided to jump into the fray in order to clarify what happened.

windows 10 does not share information

First, the company has denied that Windows 10 is sharing information with third parties. In fact, a spokesman of the business has argued that data sharing refers to improved security features for the antivirus from Windows whose sole purpose of improving the product. In fact, it has hinted at the telemetry data, confirming that this information is only available for Microsoft itself.

Moreover, the company has confirmed that the information collected from users in the system is not linked to the same accounts. In addition, the mailing is realized in an anonymous way and secure enough encryption algorithms. That is to say, the data are only available for employees, sending the data by secure channels.

It seems that, if we consider the information put forward by Microsoft, users can rest assured. The company has ensured that our data is safe. Could it be that the business has put the batteries in the field of privacy? It seems that it is. Good news.

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