Microsoft still trying to fix the bug of SVCHOST in Windows XP

At a time that Windows XP will only get a few months of life and after 12 years of updates and patches, Microsoft is still trying to solve SVCHOST failure that causes the processor occupancy is set at 100% for long periods of time.

fix SVCHOST bug

The latest updates released should have solved the problem, but many users are reporting failures in various forums. According to engineer of the Windows Update team, this problem is caused by the same Windows Update, though still not able to get the problem resolved.

The solution that we can put into practice is disable updates from Windows Update or directly close the SVCHOST process that is causing the problem, which we will see if we entered the Task Manager. This particularly affects those users of Windows XP with SP3.

Microsoft has promised to “review” the latest update to find out what has not worked the patch offered as a solution to the problem. And although Windows XP OS is in decline, many are still the PC that uses it, especially many business and commercial users. Microsoft was obliged to go to work on this failure, even when all their efforts are on Windows 8.1, its newest OS.

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