Microsoft unveils Lync 2013

Lync 2013, a collaborative tool that provides enterprise-level features such as VoIP or video over IP. There will be versions for iOS or Windows Phone next month, a port to Android in April and the arrival of the iPad versions and integrated support for Skype in a few months.

Lync 2013

Lync consist of software and hardware integrated, developed by Microsoft partners and optimized to join video conference open from Lync. Other new features for video conferencing is Lync Room, which will facilitate the task, without any kind of technical problems (in theory) because the settings will be automatic.

The hardware to be supplied with the new conference system will be 1 or 2 screens will be touch of 1080pp, high-definition cameras to capture the conference place, an audio system optimized to receive very good quality sound and a touch console to be controlled by the conference moderator.

From the point of software “wizards” view, Lync will work as a program joined the Calendar, so you can see the conferences scheduled for the day and added to them. You can also send an conference alert from Outlook, allowing each person who wants to integrate can join from your terminal.

We are talking about a high-flying tool and a very entrepreneurial, which will soon be available in mobile devices. That way, you will not need to be physically in front of a PC to be present at the conference, but can be done from anywhere.

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