Microsoft wants to overtake the output of IE10 for Windows 7

Undeniably, Windows 8 had a beginning and not too promising as optimistic as Microsoft believed it. Today there is a base of users who use Windows 7 that are still majority, since the most recent operating system of the company has received more criticism than praise.

IE10 for Windows 7

Therefore, Microsoft has decided to sink the accelerator as much as possible and advance proprietary browser version of Windows 8 and the Surface. The version of IE10 for Windows 7, which should have been ready by the end of March, the doors would appear in late February.

One of the greatest concerns of Microsoft are corporate users, which is just now will be migrating to IE8 or IE9, months after Windows 8 has been put on the market with its new IE10. For them, the changes will be much slower, given that a absolute migration of hundreds of equipment requires time and pre-planning, in addition to the adaptation of special tools that are used for day to day.

In regard to appreciable differences you’ll find in IE10 with regard to IE9 (for those who use other browsers), there are not many, apart from the strong minimalism in the latest version sometimes carried to extremes. It has the same progress in the implementation of canvas, CSS3, SVG, audio and video, but looks much flatter according to what we saw in the Preview version of IE10 for Windows 7.

What about you, are you willing to use IE10 in Windows 7?

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