MOC: A music player for Linux from the command line

Although there are all sorts of Linux distro that can be performed with relatively little memory in the computer, still there are cases where the command line will be very useful to save resources. One of the things we usually do is listen to music while working, although rather than from a program like VLC, Rhythmbox, Audacious, Exaile, Bnshee, Amarok, Clementine or any other music player can do it from the same console with MOC.


MOC has a structure similar to file manager Midnight Commander, where you can browse through your hard drive in a panel, and playlist on the other. It can support ALSA, OSS and JACK and can play formats like MP3, Ogg, Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack, Speex, WAVE, AIFF, AU and other not so well known.

For installation you must also install the ffmpeg plugin, which can be done from the same command line to install MOC. So open the console and type:

sudo apt-get install moc moc-ffmpeg-plugin

Once installed, just have to write MOC in the command line to run the program. We will rely on a series of keys that control all player functions (which are available on their official website) and where we can skip songs and raise or lower the volume, in addition to the usual play, stop and pause controls.

For those who are not very sympathetic to the use of the console, MOC can run in the background (though to change songs we return to the console). There is a graphical interface for MOC called Cooverglobus that will allow us to control to MOC, consuming few resources.

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