Moneypenny, the virtual assistant who is working on Facebook

The race to make the best virtual assistant has begun. Since a few weeks ago we are witnessing a rather particular panorama: the see how several companies are working on such programs, designed to make life easier for users. Google, Apple and the most popular businesses have already been put to work. But, of course, in all of this is missing a name: Facebook.


The company’s social network seemed unwilling to enter this industry, but recent reports have denied a task that is already immersed a good team of programmers. As we have seen recently, Facebook is working on a virtual assistant for mobile phones, Moneypenny, a feature that will be included in Facebook Messenger.

The destination that will function is quite clear: Help users. Thus, customers of the network will have the opportunity to ask questions of real people, in addition to buying products and services, among other things. The name we have said is not definitive, but internal, which means that shifts as their advancing development.

Unfortunately we don’t know more details about the application, which may indicate that the status of the programming is too primitive to reveal more material. Anyway, you know that the company acts quickly. We should not rule out new surprises very soon.

Facebook is preparing to join the virtual assistants sector. We do not know when it will, or the exact characteristics of the program. But we have to post a question that we have in the brain for some time: Do Moneypenny will respect the privacy of users?

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