More than half of the apps are dead

The world of applications is overly competitive. Thousands are launched every day; they have to contend with the existing ones to be seen, at least. Then they have to appeal to users and these also give them publicity. And besides that you have to perform maintenance of these apps. It is very complicated and therefore more than half are already abandoned.

apps analysis

Applications are considered dead are those who have never been updated and they have less than ten ratings or reviews in the shops of the world’s three most used operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. So it is important to update apps regularly. It is very useful for mobile phone application because every month lots of new mobile device released and for these mobile apps should also be updated. If you want to updated your apps contact

In total more than 700,000 applications between the three operating systems, with Windows Phone which has a higher percentage with 69% dead applications. IOS followed with 65% and Android with 41%.

These data come from the French company Stardust, which has made an infographic showing the analysis of all applications that are now in the stores of the three operating systems.

Average releases and prices
But the analysis does not stop there. The French company has also provided us with other data that are very interesting. For example, to know the level of competitiveness in this sector there is enough to say that iOS are released daily average about 978 applications, 1107 Android and 283 Windows Phone. If we add that obviously no longer has to leave a very high number of failures. And as we said before, you just have to throw if not update them occasionally so they do not become obsolete and keep up with their competitors. Android, the operating system more refreshed, renewed an average of 2,341 applications every day, Apple 806 and Windows Phone 179.

As for the price Apple takes the cake. On average their applications cost €3.49 taking 50% of apps of payment. Windows Phone has an average price of €2.03 taking a 13% pay and Android apps are the cheapest, costing on average only €1.72 and having 32% of apps that are not free.

The French company has made this infographic analyzing the 617,436 apps in the App Store, the Google Play 484 271 and 156 317 apps that can be found in the store of Windows Phone.

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