More than one million Android accounts have been violated by Gooligan

If we mention the name of Gooligan, it is clear that many will be left with a frown. It is no wonder, because this computer virus was almost unknown until a few hours ago. Yes, we talk about a malware that has already made theirs, and now could be considered as one of the biggest threats for devices with installed Android.

violated by gooligan

The virus was originally discovered by the company Check Point Software, which ensured that there were at least 86 applications outside the official bazaars for Android that had integrated virus. The main problem is the extracted results: allegedly, has already affected more than one million devices, which means they have stolen so many Android accounts associated with them. And talk about Android and Google accounts is the same.

What makes Goolingan is very simple: root devices automatically and stealing information from affected users. In fact, the virus can steal identifying information remotely, as well as download legitimate applications from Google Play Store in order to increase the reputation they have, increasing positioning. Do not forget the already typical unwanted advertising, which provides developers with the threat of a good amount of income.

Please note that Gooligan can be run on Android devices with versions 4, 4.4 and 5.0. It can steal all the information that is contained in the devices, which means that even your most private data are in danger. Do not forget that the infection also spreads via email, so you need to be careful with the contents that are displayed.

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