Mozilla, Google and Microsoft will no longer support RC4 in 2016

If you do not know RC4, right away so we put in the field. In those three characters hides one of the encryption systems more used today. The contents of the connections via SSL, TLS or WEP encrypted thanks to the protocol, so it is clear that its consequences are for safety networks. What the vast majority of users do not know is that many programmers are giving their backs because insecure that is, with multiple failures are threatening communications.

no longer support RC4

Mozilla, Google and Microsoft, three of the most popular on the planet entities still use RC4 in their programs. Although its will be for a short time, as announced its intention to stop giving support in 2016. The reasons already know: the protocol is so insecure that no longer trust it.

Keep in mind that the modification is made only in browsers, namely Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Most changes will have much to do with the way they act RC4 and HTTPS connections using SSL and TLS. Mention that some programs have begun to partially disable the protocol, which means that in some cases we are not even using it.

Companies have implemented this decision due to security flaws that have RC4, which cause their use is no longer effective in establishing secure connections over the Internet. It seems to have its days numbered. At least in the most popular browsers.

Encryption of communications is no longer an option but a necessity for our communications is kept in the greatest of secrets. There are several protocols that facilitate this task. It depends on us choose which consider safer.

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