Mozilla is preparing to emulate Flash Player in future installments of the Firefox browser

With the arrival of HTML5, many were those who believed that Flash Player would disappear, without a trace in the history of the Internet. It has not been so, Flash Player is still alive, and although it gives some problems on certain browsers, depending on the operating system that we are talking about.

Mozilla is preparing to emulate Flash Player

The truth is that Mozilla prepares to present at upcoming versions of Firefox to the emulation of Flash. This will consist of an own player which can play JavaScript without having installed any Adobe plugin.

The project, called Shumway, is a virtual machine and Flash runtime that uses HTML5 Canvas to show what is on the screen while the code itself runs on JavaScript. It is able to run SWF files as animations and even games. This will be very useful for users of Linux, which have stalled in an earlier version, due to the neglect of the development of the plugin from Adobe.

Latest Nightly Builds of Firefox give the possibility to activate this option. To activate it, you will have to set about: config in the address bar, in the search field must find shumway, disabled and give double click to change its value to “false”.

Its performance is significantly slower than with Adobe Flash, but keeps in mind that this is the first steps of this emulation.

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