MVPS Hosts: Hosts file modified for safety and privacy

The use of the Hosts file to prevent our computer from connecting to undesirable web addresses is a very old practice that is still used as a security measure to block access to ads and cookies.

MVPS Hosts

The Hosts file is nothing more than a simple text file that the OS uses to resolve domain names. Since the configuration of this file we can prevent certain viruses or malware running, since the same configuration of Hosts will prevent the connection from the computer with malware sources. We can manually edit it ourselves, or avail ourselves of some tool to do it for us, as MVPS Hosts.

MVPS Hosts offers a configuration updated from time to time of the Hosts file, with the appropriate entries for blocking of malware sources. However, it also serves as a privacy tool.

The MPVs Hosts installation is very simple. We just need to download a file. We need only download a .bat file that when run as administrator will add us more dangerous entries in the Hosts file and update it automatically, keeping a backup copy of the original. We can say that if the Hosts file becomes too large for the large number of entries (we’re talking over 100kb), it is recommended to disable the DNS Client service, for which we provide instruction in the same site of MPVs.

Of course, the method of modifying the Hosts file is not infallible. There are ways to alter it, even though we have already edited it but at least are a way of establishing a line of additional defense against espionage, malware and tracking.

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