NanWick Windows Uninstaller helps you to uninstall Windows

One of the easiest things for a more or less advanced user is to uninstall Windows. What we call “uninstall” actually is to remove everything that is inside the Windows partition, which format the partition with no trace of the OS anymore.

NanWick Windows Uninstaller

But what about those facilities poorly made or previously failed? What if we have two or three Windows installed on the same disc? NanWick Windows uninstaller will help us to eliminate any Windows, from Windows Vista (does not support XP).

The program is quite simple, but also a powerful scavenger. The first thing we will do is an automatic scan for Windows installations on the disk, and then let us choose which ones we want to eliminate. Once we have selected which are going to erase, the program does everything automatically.

Roughly, what NanWick Windows Uninstaller does behind the scenes is taking possession of the files and folders that belong to the chosen OS and removes, in addition to eliminating the corresponding entry in the Boot manager for that are not listed among the options of the OS boot , if we have more than two.

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