‘Nearby Friends’ will report on which Facebook friends are close to us

At the moment it is a feature that will be available only in the United States but if successful it is likely that within a while everyone on Facebook can know who their friends are near them. That is the functionality provided ‘Nearby Friends’ and will be available in upcoming updates of Facebook for mobile devices.

Nearby Friends

‘Nearby Friends’ will be optional and if we activate it, will tell us that other users are in the same area as us, which, according to Facebook, can be useful for us to meet them at a certain point. When we select this utility will receive notifications about friends who are in that area if we want to interact with them.

The application can also go further and share our exact location over a period of time so that our friends know exactly where we are. Logically this application needs to know the geographical location of users, and is therefore something optional to not conflict with the privacy of those users. In this sense ‘Nearby Friends’ will allow to share this information with our friends, our closest friends or a configurable list of friends.

With ‘Nearby Friends’ also we will be able to see for what zones our friends cross when they travel. That way the rest of friends who have been in that area could make recommendations on places to visit, restaurants, etc.

What do you think this functionality, useful or unnecessary? Maybe used at certain times can have its uses and can also help us to meet with someone in our area … or run away from that place if people close to us do not want to cross.

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