NeatMouse: Control the mouse with the keyboard

The mouse is the most used accessory but we have made less progress in technology issues. In essence, a mouse of today is almost equal to one used 20 years ago and the functionality is the same, except for the wireless technologies that are supplied with certain models. It is also the most durable element and offers fewer failures. But what happens if we are very used to it and we suddenly fails?


In this case we could use the keyboard shortcuts, but if that’s not the preferred way, we can dip into NeatMouse, an application that enables you to control the mouse with the keyboard, in addition to imitate the movements of the center wheel and two or three buttons.

This emulator mouse can be configured in several ways, such is the amount of options present in a program of just 640k must designate keys that move the cursor around the screen, including the diagonal, in addition to the buttons, although those that come by default used all of the numeric keypad. We can also control the speed of the pointer, if the programme is activated with Windows or not and if it will be visible in the taskbar.

Although Windows already offers a way to move the pointer with the keyboard and offers a little-known feature “acceleration” if we hold a key feature, NeatMouse has the advantage in favor to simulate the movement of the mouse wheel. It may not be the most revolutionary program of the time, but it may take us in unexpected situations when we do not have at our disposal the beloved mouse.

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