New CCleaner 4 with great improvements

The new CCleaner 4 of the Piriform company is now available for download. It certainly is one of the best programs to keep our computer clean and organized.

new CCleaner 4

This new version incorporates some interesting enhancements that improve performance and help us achieve higher quality results.

The highlights of the new CCleaner 4 are two new features that developers have added to the software. The first one is a duplicate file finder, it will take care of scanning our PC for identical content that occupy disk space unnecessarily. This new module has filters to define which files are included in the search and which are excluded.

The second of the great new features of the new CCleaner 4 is the system monitor, however this version is only available for the Pro version. This is a tool monitor the system in search of useless and obsolete files. These in turn, may be removed automatically.

Besides these two new features, developers have improved many of the above tools already incorporated the program. For example, the removed features a list of supported applications and greater disk cleaner works hard to faster versions of Windows 7 and 7 (64 bits).

Besides all this, the module for disk wiping has been improved and the process is now faster and efficient. In general, it has also improved the internal architecture of the whole program, which is achieved CCleaner 4 to be more stable, fast and lightweight.

It has also been cleaned up a bit the design of its interface, which now appears more clean in addition to incorporate several new icons.

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