NiftySplit: A plugin for Chrome that divides the window into two

I have no objection to working with new tabs open in any browser. I personally do not pass a 8-10 tabs open at the same time, among which I’m moving from one to another according to my need. But for other users who do not have as much workload in the browser, could use an extension for Chrome as NiftySplit.


What makes this extension is to divide browser window into two parts automatically. We know that we can simply open another browser instance and size them manually to get the same result set, but it does NiftySplit automatically, from any link we want to differentiate from other content.

After installing the extension, we will have a new option in the contextual menu of each link. If we open them with the right button of the mouse, we can open as NiftySplit window, in a second window. This option causes the window that we had open is resize to half of the screen, with the other half occupied by the new link.

Like everything in life, this will be useful for some and useless to others, those who directly open multiple browser windows instead of open tabs or use extensions like this. It may be useful to keep open an RSS reader in a window and open the contents of each story in the other, although the text and the images are not automatically resized to the size of the new window.

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