NUIverse: Microsoft tool to ‘travel’ through the universe

Microsoft has always been characterized by offering different software options to support education. While one of his emblems is no longer available (Encarta), the Redmond company continues to innovate in education areas as it is the case of their development for Microsoft Surface 2.0 called NUIverse, a very interesting application that allows us to interactively explore our universe.


The software used has the ability to display up to 100,000 stars in real time, also thanks to the qualities of Surface we may use different multi-touch gestures to make different changes and adjustments as well as to navigate quietly through the application. It should be noted that NUIverse not limited to show the universe, but also a very practical tool to simulate travel to other galaxies and by allowing use of labels, studying every aspect of the stars, and much more.

Those amateur astronomers that desired further inquiry in this deployment, must seek the Samsung SUR40, of course it must have included version 2.0 of Microsoft Surface since only this version is the one that will allow us to work optimally and complete with NUIverse. As extra information, the name of “NUIverse” is a play on words which includes the initials or acronym of ‘Natural User Interface’ and the word Universe.

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