Office 2016 gets an update with new features

Office 2016 has become a highly anticipated office suite. It is currently in a beta version, but it works correctly, it still has some bugs and features to come. People are getting used to their presence, but there is still plenty of work ahead.

Office 2016

It was a few days ago when Microsoft announced that Preview Office version already have one million users between versions of Windows and Mac. A very important figure. In fact, they have released a new update that includes a variety of features, each more interesting. It is better to take a look.

  • Real Time Presence in Word: Functionality aimed at editing files in the group, and that allows us to see in real time the part that our colleagues are editing.
  • Simplified file sharing: The process of sharing documents has been made easier. Now you can review the files, comment, edit and share in fewer steps.
  • Insights for Office for Word and Outlook: A very interesting feature that allows us to expand the information of the content that we copy.
  • The history has been expanded with new features that allow us to more easily find documents stored in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business. You just have to click File and then click History to see all versions.
  • Tell Me: Allow us to execute commands by putting what we want in a field. Thus translates natural language.
  • Minor adjustments that improve the application.

You know that Office 2016 Preview is now available in You can try it for free.

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