Opera 12.12 is now available

Opera users can start celebrating, because a new version of your favorite browser is available, specifically the Opera 12.12 version has made the jump to the stable branch.

Opera 12.12 version

This update is recommended for all because it adds stability and improves browser security is why those who want to be free from attacks via exploits should upgrade immediately.

Beyond this there are other changes as in the dialog ‘Clear Private Data’ (configuration> Delete private data) and it now has a new setting that does not remove the data used in the extensions, so that if you want to continue removing this information will have to go straight to this option and corroborate that if has been deleted.

Among other things also fixed:

  • A problem that GIF images ‘malformed’ may allow execution of arbitrary code.
  • A problem in the private data that might be revealed to other users, or even modified by them.
  • A problem which repeatedly attempt to access a website given a falsification field counterfeit.

The download of the new version should already be available from the official website or by clicking on the menu entry Opera> Help> Check for Updates.

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