Opera 18 available for download

There have been many changes to the browser Opera has shown in the last three editions. The first major step taken by this browser has been the change to the engine used by Chrome, resisted by many traditional users.

opera 18

The new 18-Final version shows some radical changes. The interface has been rebuilt from scratch and design now allows to further integrate with the OS; it also has been implemented a unified search and address bar, in the style of Chrome and Safari, as opposed to the separate bars which still using Firefox.

Speed ​​Dial page has also improved and now users will be able to save links within folders, while we filter Speed ​​Dial entries with specific searches. Among the new, Opera presents Discover and Stash. In the first, we can establish certain parameters in the preferences to receive content such as news, from a single location. With Stash we can compare various websites.

More new: integration with camera and microphone, creating search engines, special themes for version 18 and move between multiple windows open tabs browser. But definitely, Opera 18 is not as “friendly” as they were earlier, but its developers have promised the return of some older features that have been requested by users, which would be included in future releases. Still, Opera has lost a lot as they go past versions.

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