Opera: a good browser with many problems

Unfortunately from version 12, Opera has been transformed into a browser that hangs every five minutes and with which it is impossible to use certain sites (like Opera with Grooveshark). Two updates that have arrived later, have done little to solve these problems and now is the third update, 12.11 version.

opera browser

The truth is that operates like a lot. It is the lightest of all (although not the fastest) browser, does not consume tons of memory like the others and starts up very fast. However, when we already have it in operation, the story is completely different. In a browser that could steal to Chrome the first place, if their developers propose is, we go to a browser that deserves to be almost in last place in number of users.

What has happened with Opera on the desktop? Simply that it has not maintained the pace of competition and that errors are already too many. A typical example: for months and months that some users of Opera fear problems with Grooveshark and Flash, as that is not yet found any solution. Add unexpected crashes with other pages that should not give problems and the perfect recipe is ready so that many users of Opera are leaving the use of this.

Starting with version 12 precisely, Opera has embarked on its browser to work on the basis of separate processes, such as Firefox. The advantage is that if some process crashes, the entire browser is not hung. However, these processes consume so much memory that Opera ends up hanging anyway thanks to the plug-in container.

If you are user of Opera, the solution is to go backward. The latest version which has not given problems is 11.64, while others will prefer the 10, even lighter version.

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