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Opera presented its first version unique email client. It is called Opera Mail and can be downloaded separately from the Opera Next browser. With this client can send and receive emails, have total control over our RSS feeds and all directly from the Windows desktop, without having access to third party applications.

Opera Mail

The quick setup process to open Opera Mail first invites us to enter a valid email. We have three options: create one, create a group conversation or import the data from a previously existing email account.

In Opera Mail will find all the tools and functions of an email manager now can access the inbox, manage contacts and emails make custom labeling and friends.

Opera Mail not only has options to manage our email, too our RSS feeds which are very helpful for users who are aware of many forums or sites updated regularly.

Attachments preview is a very useful option of Opera Mail, which helps to save time when you open any mail in particular whose sender can be unknown or sometimes send messages without much interest. With the preview you can check and whether it is worth or not to open the message of the day.

Its interface has a classic design reminiscent of Thunderbird or Outlook, a wise decision because users prefer to navigate between menus and options already known, a surprise too large might not be beneficial to an alternative like Opera Mail wanting to become a place between other clients already entrenched.

If you want a separate mail client and browser that work quickly and effectively, you can give a try to Opera Mail that surely will not disappoint.

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