Opera Next 15 with Chrome Engine

You can say that Opera has been a browser unfairly acknowledged, with a low adoption in number of users but with undeniable potential. The latest news we have had with respect to the desktop version, we talked about the way the Webkit engine, the same engine used by Chrome. Next version 15 and uses the WebKit engine, which can be downloaded still under test.

Opera Next 15

One of the main attractions of the new Opera is that it will be fast as their predecessors. Opera people have adopted the protocol of Google pages load, the SPDY, dubbed Off-Road by Opera, practically a new version of what was known as Opera Turbo.

Opera has also added some modifications which make this very similar to Chrome. For example, the search bar is combined with the address bar. It continues to maintain features such as Speed Dial, but with much more similarity to the preload and preview of most visited pages that have Chrome. It is missing feed reader built bringing previous versions of Opera, but the behavior of the browser is always the same: fast and without crashes, at least in Windows.

Currently this new Opera Next 15 version is available for Windows and Mac; for within a time have promised the versions for Linux and the step to a more refined WebKit engine, called Blink, engine will also be used by future versions of Chrome.

We can not say that this version of Opera is bad or a copy of Chrome, because Opera has always been a fast browser. At least in regard to the final look of the browser, Chrome the similarities are obvious, but the speed is still there and that is most appreciated for who surf the net. Copy or not copy, Opera Next 15 is a good version of Opera, but there is always the freedom to use previous versions, which will remain available for download.

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